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Mission Statement
Our mission at L.A.M.P. is maximizing our efforts individually and as a group, in building and inhancing personal relationships with our youth; that motivate and stimulate life skills that increase their opportunity for success in school, work, and everyday life, through responisble mentoring.

Responsible Mentoring

Responsible mentoring is defined by the NAtional Mentor PArtnership as:
A structured, one to one, relationship or partnership that focuses on the needs of the mentored participant.
-Fosters caring and supportive relationships.
-Encourages individuals to develop to their fullest potential.
-Helps an individual to develop his or her own vision for the future.
-Is a strategy to develop active community partnerships.

Guiding Principles

To achieve our mission in building and enhancing mentor relationships with our youth, we are committed to:
-Providing a stable and relaible relationship that is committed to the needs of the youth.
-Providing a safe and effective environment for both youth and mentor.
-Keeping all lines of communication open between parent, youth, and mentor.
-Being a first class, organized, detailed program that is partnered together with the community as a unified team.

History of LAMP
Our program was spawned out of the Lancer Goal Committee. After a study of student assests in LaCrescent and the surrounding area, the study found that LaCrescent could benifit from a mentroing program. The committee saught an Americorps member to build and run the program for the first three years. With the help of Community Education and both the Middle and High Schools, our program is well on it's way. We currently have 13 matches and we are in the process of recruiting for next year.

LaCrescent Community Education
Community Education plays a vital role in our program. Lamp is funded by an "After School" grant, which was written through Communit Ed. Community Education provides funds for our program to do activities, conduct background checks, provide food, etc. Sandy Johnson is the Youth Coordinator for Community Education. She has been an incrediable resource in the community for our program. She offered her help by pulling resources such as personal, public relations, marketing, etc. Lamp would not be able to obtain the high standard of quality of operation with out Community education.

Jason Duncan